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The product profile consists of process improvement additives, specialty chemical additives for boiler and cooling water treatment and fuel additives catering to the requirements of various segments.

Boiler Water Treatment

A wide range of boiler water treatment chemicals for efficient and save running of the boilers in cogeneration plant is available. Multifunctional scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and non toxic oxygen scavengers are specialized products offered based on requirement.

  • Antiscalents/Corrosion inhibitors
  • Sludge Conditioners
  • pH Boosters
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Single Drum Treatments/Multi guards
  • Fuel Additives

Cooling Tower Applications

Based on water characteristics, excellent treatment packages are designed for smooth running of the cooling towers. Problems of scaling. corrosion and bacterial contamination are well addressed with highly effective and innovative products. Terpolymer based dispersants are designed for critical conditions like high hardness, high alkalinity and high pH.

  • Scale Inhibitors / Antiscalants
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Biocide for Controlling Microbial Growth Silica Dispersants
  • Bio Dispersants • Metal Passivators

Water Treatment Applications

Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant & Cleaners

Various Antiscalants are designed for effective inhibition of scale forming salts in the RO systems, based on the levels of scaling ions present in water. Specific Antiscalants are available for control of tough silica scales. All the Antiscalants in the Suchem range come with inbuilt preservatives for biofouling control.

  • Antiscalant
  • Silica specific Antiscalant RO membrane Cleaners
  • RO membrane Preservative
  • pH Booster for RO permeate(zero TDS)

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