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We provide specialty solutions for the paper industry to increase the process efficiencies with high return on investments. Our products have versatile applications and are designed for process, utility and effluent treatment for improving the process efficiency and productivity.

Deposit Control Applications

Deposit control applications include system cleaning aspects during machine shut down and also during continuous running of machine. Organic, inorganic, microbial, scale and stickies deposits which cause runnability problem would be reasonably controlled with the products.

Felt and Wire Cleaners

Clean machine clothing is very important for making quality paper and uninterrupted production. These applications include cleaners and passivating chemicals. Applications include online and offline cleaning.

Deinking Applications

Deinking systems are essential for recycled based mills and complete range of products is available for this application. These products would really help in improving the brightness of pulp.

Pulp Mill Applications

Pulp mill applications include digester additive, Peroxide bleach stabilizer & Brown stock wash aid. Wash aids help in maintaining minimum chemical residuals and better drainage rates.

Defoaming Applications

Foam is a detrimental factor for any process and our defoamers are designed to meet specific needs of paper industry including pulp mill, paper machine, coating plants and effluent treatment plants

Drystrengthresins, Retention and Drainage aids & Flotation aids

Dry Strength Resins are acrylamide based polymers that would help in improving the dry strength properties in kraft and writing and printing varieties. Retention aids are high molecular weight products which would help in improving retention of filler and fibers in approach flow systems. Flotation aids are also in high molecular weight polymers which would help in flotation mechanism in equipment like Krofta / Sedicell like.

Size Press Additives

Size press additives are chemicals based on special chemistries which would improve the surface properties of paper like inkjet printability and smoothness of paper.

New Products Launched Successfully

  • Bulk Improvement Additives
  • Slushing aid
  • Odour Control Additives
  • Stickies Control Additive
  • Total Biocidal Treatment
  • Wet Strength Resin (WSR)
  • Black Liquor Antiscalant
  • Black Liquor Viscosity Reducer

Boiler Applications

A wide range of boiler water treatment chemicals for efficient and save running of the boilers in cogeneration plant is available. Multifunctional scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors and non toxic oxygen scavengers are specialized products offered based on requirement.

  • Antiscalents/Corrosion inhibitors
  • Sludge Conditioners
  • pH Boosters
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Single Drum Treatments/Multi guards
  • Fuel Additives

Cooling Tower Applications

Based on water characteristics, excellent treatment packages are designed for smooth running of the cooling towers. Problems of scaling. corrosion and bacterial contamination are well addressed with highly effective and innovative products. Terpolymer based dispersants are designed for critical conditions like high hardness, high alkalinity and high pH.

  • Scale Inhibitors / Antiscalants
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Biocide for Controlling Microbial Growth Silica Dispersants
  • Bio Dispersants
  • Metal Passivators

Water Treatment Applications

  • Polymer for Raw Water Clarification
  • Anionic Polyelectrolytes
  • Decolorizing chemical for ETP
  • RO antiscalants
  • RO membrane cleaner for high silica scales
  • RO membrane scale for all types of scales
  • RO membrane preservative/cleaner for biofoulings
  • Organic pH boosters

Reverse Osmosis Antiscalant & Cleaners

Various Antiscalants are designed for effective inhibition of scale forming salts in the RO systems, based on the levels of scaling ions present in water. Specific Antiscalants are available for control of tough silica scales. All the Antiscalants in Suchem range come with inbuilt preservative for biofouling control.

  • Antiscalant
  • Silica specific Antiscalant RO membrane Cleaners
  • RO membrane Preservative
  • pH Booster for RO permeate(zero TDS)

Water Treatment Plants Spares & Services

We provide customized total water solutions by supplying and servicing of water & waste water treatment plants etc. We undertake AMCs, O&M service for existing plants. We also conduct Process, Bio and Water Audits.

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • RO Plants
  • Resin Cleaners
  • Water Audit
  • Spares and Services
  • Bio Audit

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