We provide speciality solutions for the distillery to increase the process efficiencies with high return on investments. Our products can be used in process, utility and effluent treatment for improving the process efficiency and productivity.

Bio Preservative

Preservative for arresting molasses degradation.

  • C Molasses
  • B-Heavy Molasses
  • Syrup

Settling aid

Settling agent for fermented wash sludge settling.

Biocide for contamination control

Contamination control during fermentation process.

  • VA control Additives
  • Biocide for Vapor Condensate treatment


For enhancing the fermentation efficiency and alcohol yield in.

  • C – Molasses based Alcohol Production
  • B-Heavy based Alcohol Production
  • Grain based Alcohol Production

Micro Nutrients

  • Micro Nutrients for Fermentation
  • UREA/DAP replacement for Fermentation

Spent Wash Additives

  • Settling aid
  • Evaporator Antiscalant
  • Viscosity Reducer

ETP additives

Cationic/Anionic/Nonionic polyelectrolytes as settling aids for the Clarification process. Decolourisation of spent wash.

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