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Suzalkem has capability for the enhancement of process efficiencies using chemical solutions. Apart from providing performance based solutions through innovative products, Suzalkem has wide variety of solutions for total Water Management, Power/Cogeneration, Fuel Management, Refinery Process etc. in Suchem Brand.

Biocides for Mill Sanitation

Suchem brand microbiocide is designed to inhibit growth of micro-organism. It is a highly effective bactericide and fungicide to control the growth of microorganism in sugar mills. It ruptures the cell wall of bacteria such as Leuconostac, mesenteroides and Bacillus stearothermophilus, thus it reduces sucrose losses and helps to keep mill systems free of microbiological slime and odour. The selection of biocides are done based on MIC studies conducted in our laboratory.

  • Carbamate based biocide
  • Quaternary ammonium based biocide
  • Aldehyde based biocide
  • Enzymatic additives for Dextran and Starch control

We have developed specific biocides and enzymatic additives for the critical problems of Dextran in the Sugar juice.

Polymer for Phosphoric Acid Replacement

The product directly reacts with colouring complexes, and these colouring reactant form complexes with the product leaving dear juice which in better decolourisation. The dosage of the product is much less when compared with the dosage of phosphoric acid.

Flocculant for Juice Clarification

The products forms  compact flocs  of suspended and colloidal impurities present in the juice in the form of silt, colour etc. These flocs in course of time get aggregated and settle in the clarifier, resulting in clear juice. The product in having a unique nature of working in wide pH ranges. We have different flocculants for different types of clarifier such as conventional and short retention clarifier.

Scale Inhibitor for Evaporator

It is a blend of polymer ingredients which keeps the scale forming ions in the solution form and there by the scaling tendency is minimized and even delayed. The product has the unique capability of avoiding the calcium based salts to precipitate due to high temperatures and high concentrations. It works on the principle of crystal distortion of calcium salts with minimal dosage. The product works well for different types of scales like carbonates, sulphates, oxalates and silicates of calcium. Based onthe type of scaling like sulphate; carbonate; silicate or oxalate, etc a suitable antiscalant is selected.

  • Poly Acrylic acid based antiscalant
  • Co-polymer of Acrylic acid antiscalant
  • Maleic acid based antiscalant.

Colour Precipitant for Juice

Its a chelant, polymer and surfactant based product which gives excellent performance in obtaining better decolourisation effect of the juice which will finally lead to improved colour of the sugar crystals.

Pan Aid for Viscosity Reduction

It enhances the exhaustibility of massecuites & increases circulation of low grade massecuite, resulting better fluidity and emulsification of gum, resulting in improved sugar yield. These products are available in polymer and Oil form.

  • Polymer based viscosity reducer.
  • Oil based viscosity reducer.

Scale Softener

It is an effective blend of chemicals designed for improving descaling efficiency in Sugar Mills. The product is formulated for the removal and softening of hard scale found in evaporators. The product contains penetrant, dispersing agent and unique scale softening agent. Due to this combination the product remodifies the crystal structures of different scales and attacks the lattice structures, which enable smoothening of scale deposits. By the mechanism of penetration, dispersion, softening any nature of scale can be softened. It is available in alkaline and acidic forms.

  • Acidic Descalent/Scale softener
  • Alkaline Descalent/Scale softener


The main problems in solid fuel fired units are the, unburnts, clinker formation, corrosion and slagging that are reduced with the use of our products. It also combats the above problems improves the stack emissions and controls Pollution.

  • Fuel additive for Bagasse/ Biomass
  • Combustion catalyst for coal (liquid)
  • Combustion catalyst for combined fuels.
  • Combustion catalyst for coal (powder)
  • Granulated Combustion Catalyst


These speciality Resins are macro porus Type strong base anion exchangers, removes colour & also organic matter effectively. It has the ability of exhibiting excellent physical and chemical stability at wide range of pH and temperature conditions. It is available in polystyrenic and polyacrylic forms.


It is highly effective quaternary ammonium compound based polymer designed for improving colour of sugar remelt/syrup in sugar mills and refineries. It also removes certain high molecular weight impurities present in sugar remelt and syrup. It helps to convert colloidal and spended impurities into primary flocs.

  • Synthetic colour precipitant
  • Cationic Biopolymer color precipitant


It is high molecular weight anionic flocculant and due to its charge density it will tend to get attracted towards the cationic complex colouring Matter and ensures floatation of the floc resulting in reduced colour in the system.


  • Defoamers
  • PH Enhancer for Spray Pond Water
  • Biocide for Mud Filters
  • Lime Dispersants
  • Dust Suppressant
  • Crystal Growth Modifier
  • Molasses Preservative
  • Caustic & Acid accelerator
  • Acid Corrosion Inhibitors

Water Treatment Plants Spares & Services

We provide customized total water solutions by supplying and servicing of water & waste water treatment plants etc. We undertake AMCS, O&M service for existing plants. We also conduct Process, Bio and Water Audits.

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • RO Plants
  • Resin Cleaners
  • Water Audit
  • Spares and Services
  • Bio Audit

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