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Suzalkem Technologies caters all range of specialty textile process chemicals for dyeing and finishing house to get fine quality finished fabric.


SUZALKEM TECHNOLOGIES uses its technology to speed up water recycling to cater water demand and conservation. These technologies use chemical treatment to catalyze recycling process. Coloured water from dyeing house is a major constraint in textile effluent. The contribution of colour is from dyes used in dyeing process. These residual colours can be removed from effluent by means of DECOLOURISING ORGANIC COAGULANT agent.

SUZALKEM provides all types of water soluble polymers like inorganic coagulants, organic coagulants, wide range of Flocculants for applications like solid liquid separation, settling aid in clarifiers, Dewatering etc. The product range includes Liquid, Emulsion and Powder.

Suchem® WT 616:

Suchem® WT 616 is a Polymeric liquid organic copolymer that not only acts as a coagulant but is highly effective for color removal in water & wastewater clarification.  The unique ingredients present in the product precipitate all types of colors generated in the effluent. The product acts very fast in coagulating the colored matter instantly and the flocculent settles the sludge leaving behind crystal clear supernatant water. The product can be added alone or supplemented with inorganic coagulants or coagulant aids for synergistic results. It is recommended to add the Suchem® WT 616 after the inorganic coagulants and allow sufficient contact time.


  • Rapid Flock Formation
  • Efficient Removal of Coloring Particle
  • Improves Clarification
  • Reduction in COD and BOD


We recommend the use of 10% solution of Suchem® WT 616 for the treatment process. The recommended range of dosage is between 200 to 500 ppm. The pH range of the colored effluent should be 7-7.5 for effective results.


The product PRINTING THICKENER is designed for a very convenient preparation of pigment printing formulation which can be effectively thickened by direct addition to the mixture or it can be used as part of customer specific thickener stock preparation (with or without ingredients other than the pigment itself).


The product is a weak cationic softening agent with anti-static effect. FABRIC SOFTNER is recommended for synthetics like polyester, acrylic, acetate, nylon and their blends. It is excellent for laundry washing fastness.


Suzalkem technologies team developed an equivalent product to replace acetic acid in textile processing. This ACETIC ACID REPLACEMENT will give low acid load in final dye bath discharge with reduction in BOD and COD levels.


Suchem TC 940 is medium molecular weight cationic polymer for fixing of cellulose dyed/printed with direct and reactive dye. There is no bleeding during washing. Advantages

  • Improves fastness properties
  • No formaldehyde
  • Prevents colour bleeding


The fabrics made of cotton and cotton blends are coated with adhesives (size) to prevent breaking of threads during weaving. These adhesives are of starch derivatives. The size must be removed for dyeing and finishing process. The conventional process uses acid, alkali or oxidizing agents, which in turn increases the load on effluent.

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